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They say that when you danced,
The strings were narrow with decay;
You made the stones feel like human
And brushed aside some strange mischance
To tire with charm the very day:
The proud desired your passing glance,
In pond's still waters, through cloudy-grey
When sitting on the low stone wall
On sunny eves with young friends all
But comes the wind, the leaves will fall
And all those lies to youth extend
But cannot be by prayer recalled:-
The hide and seek through love-carved trees;
The lily arms entwined round knees;
The softly heaving lover's pleas:
Such yesterdays were all eternity,
To talk and play and go to school,
Ask who was going out with whom,
Idly casting in the lake
Your looks and thoughts for time to take.
So all disband and to your room
To start on homework still undone,
Though other thoughts through mind will run

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