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Hotel D'Amour

The rain is pouring,

Friendless is my shelter.

In, as out; but out not in:

Thus it always was and will be:

Ridiculed by fools,

Dwarfed by pygmies,

Mocked by jesters,

A forgery to actors,

Reflected failure of teachers,

Wayward to the self-confined,

Stone to love, kiln to hate,

Oblivious to squandered reputation,

Leeched from and enfeebled,

Betrayed by admitting ignorant stares.

These eyes shall not cry,

This heart not break,

The soul not cure,

Those it cannot touch;

Ears deaf and tongue mute,

The purpose awry,

Limbs that drag for want of it.

Comfortless and alone except for sadness,

Each coining currency in the other.

Doom's journeyman Despair's friend,

Solicited by Death's father, Old age,

Feebly to condense Life's void into a mouth-less goal,

Compacting its sentence into a wince,

To seep into senseless black eternity,

Cast out even from the secret, weeping night:-

Thus do I live.


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