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The Netscape 216

(The Netscape 216 are a set of "web-safe" colours.)

The 216 were a terrible bunch,

They messed around then went out to lunch,

Threw their Apples at the Microsoft lot,

They dished it out and gave what they got.


The turf war ended when they left the firm,

But better beware 'cos they're still out there.

No colours are safe. They'll make you squirm.


They'll hurt your eyes and light up your screen

With a wicked purple and a deep pea green.


All of a sudden a terrible shock,

They tried their computers and found they were locked.

Those Microsoft boys had been at it again,

They didn't want to lose their gain.


Then all of a sudden they were 215,

One of theirs was not to be seen.

He'd defected to bathe in the Sun,

He chose the glory which others had done.


He soared above like a shooting star

With a fat new pension and a shiny car,

Slipped down to the Valley like molten lava,

Inspired by the wild boys who made up Java.


Then two more tried to escape,

Going from Microsoft to Netscape,

But one was ambushed and taken to Apple,

Following a struggle and a mighty grapple.


The Netscape rogues were again a team,

Restored to their original 216.



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