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I’m told it’s a mere formality
To conform to normality.
It’s part of my responsibility
To hide in anonymity.
I have to seek their permission
To cower before them in submission.
I must work hard as a slave
Till I’m left with old age.
The state expects compliance
And will not tolerate defiance.
I must get on and cause no troubles
But I can’t stand the petty squabbles.
To strive to do better than my neighbour
Is only to increase my labour.
I must believe their propaganda
But I prefer to think grander.
Minimum wage cannon fodder
Is not worth the bother
Of dying or striving to explain
That I won’t play their silly game.
Do they ever stop and think
Why they must paralyze themselves with drink?
They work like donkeys all week,
Trying to be heard when they speak,
Just to buy a house or car
Of take a holiday afar
To escape the boredom and monotony
By having a normal lobotomy.
They think it’s safe to gloat
Providing they don’t rock the boat
While storms engulf the gentle tides
Of freedom on every side.
Doff my cap to my betters,
Even though they put me in fetters.
Holidays, work, kids and wife,
Is all they want out of life.
Have I forgotten beer, Bingo and telly
And a weekly flutter on the Lottery,
Watching football, swilling beer,
On a wide screen that cost me dear,
Living on pizzas drenched in fat,
Do I really want all that?


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