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Ode to a New Man (New to an Ode Man)

Inside every boxer's head is a child
For every triumph, things are wild
Every beast has to eat
But only man has warlike feet.

The hard man serves the dying worm
To let his little child be born
A love and respect from him torn
So he becomes a beast forlorn.

The slow worm creams the tall man's profit
And has a corpse to show for it.
The sun shines on us all,
But some may thrive whilst others fall.

If I could count up every soul
Whose heart is sorrow full
I'd become a solemn mole
And accept my life so dull.

But who can lie and not have sleep
His and his fellow's peace to keep
Should not he live or die in street

Where iron law and mercy slay
The only thing that one man needs
An existence called human
Which comes to few and New men
Who slide down and may dismay
Where ignorance and guilt there feed.


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