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New Year (Elizabethan Style)

by Mark Smith

So another year’s commencing.
The day we give and receive gifts,
Yet it tends to be a bore.

I’m sick of having oranges and parsley.
I want to dine in style, on rabbits, pheasants and other delicacies.
But I’m just a mere peasant and cannot afford such luxuries.

Perhaps if I can pinch some rich garments, I can get to join ‘that’ banquet.
I can always pretend to be the Duke of Newcastle, or something like that.
Or maybe I can dress up as someone I already know,
(As long of course as they aren’t going to be there!).
However, this may be a stretch. I think the first idea’s best.

I must muster a plan to bring this to fruition.
I know some in the aristocracy maybe I can volunteer some laundry chores for them.
‘That’ would get me some clothes!

There are bound to be some takers those posh folk are always lazy.
I’ll offer this for free; it would sound like a good ‘New Year’ gesture.
They would need to be men or larger ladies, maybe.
No, I’ll just ask the males, as a dress wouldn’t really go with my beard!

Okay who do I know? I’d better make a list.
Best to start with those of a similar size and build,
As ripping my clothes may not be that good a look.

Well not in ‘this age’ anyway!

© 2016 Mark Smith.

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