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A Perfect Day
The young waves were rippling,
Till years trod us down like plants on the ground
The same
Swallows seemed twittering,
But did not sound so sweet when I came round

As the sunshine chased
The dark cloud’s tears on the thirsty flowers
So your form embraced
Love of life as a rainbow makes showers
Not stay.

The birds fell silent
And little wind the boughs of the tree-top
Would sway;
Streams brooked no defilement
The people and dogs in the park would stop
Their play

In awe when you stepped by,
And time was frozen into guilt and shame
By you.
Not letting the day die
Fearing such beauty it could not reclaim

The stones were enraptured
As our footsteps skipped through their mirage
As one:-
Which I can’t recapture
By haunting it now with jealous old age

But it lives in my mind
As fresh as the cast-off comments you made
To me.
May memory be kind
Which bitterly long estrangement can jade
Of thee.


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