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Words are not enough, but should be the precursors to action. Yet words I give you that, like unsugared medicine will make you whole through bitterness.

Lest I frighten that little bird, courage, let me whisper in your ear the greatest argument. Powerful reasons do not need loud voices. Heed not the blustering noise of the crowd-pleasers who offer you baubles of hope which, like bubbles, come from vanity and burst to nothing. Even our rusty swords will slice the daisy-chains they klep us in.

Fear makes a good friend and a bad enemy: their fear is our friend and our fear is our enemy. Let them befriend it. The ever-was must not become the the ever-is because it is. They have no claim to power but through power itself. Force being their only justification, it must be met with ours. When we are whipped and made to feel small, we must not skulk in corners and lick our wounds, but charge and wrench the whip out of the hands of our enemies to use it against the oppressors. If we have right on our side, why should we fear to be punished for it?

Fortune smiles on the brave; yet she be an inconstant and equivocal mistress, she always remains true to her only lover, Nature. She is a follower to leaders but a deserter to slaves. Those who seek her will not find her; she will not be summoned. Our deepest regret is having to turn her away when like eager lovers we have waited so long for her. We cannot make love and war at the same time.

We are warriors first and lovers second. Love can wait until after the battle. Think my brothers how sweet that surfeited famine will be then! But if the war is lost, it is better to fall on our swords than live miserably and despicably as hostages to our enemies.

Think of the great struggles of the past. Has anything worthy been accomplished without it? Even artists must wrestle with themselves to overcome and subdue their legion voices, drawing them into one. We too must tie our many griefs into one slingshot big enough to smash our enemies.

Join us and shout "Victory!" to the sky above us while we have voices, before they hide us chained in aged dungeons, for then it will be too late. Do not work for them. Work for ourselves, for in working for ourselves, you work for yourself. The earth belongs to us.

You each know your heart and your duty to it. Do not break either, for in breaking one, you break them both. Be bold when oppressed and meek only in victory. We shall with mercy show ourselves moral conquerers and let the vanquished eat the bread of our victory, but not drink its blood. We shall establish a new order. Its principle is simple: every man who acts righteously will be rewarded according to his righteousness and every man who does evil will be sorely punished. The good will have nothing to fear from evil. Only them can we lay the foundations for our pyramids of greatness. For each layer of a pyramid gains its strength by being supported by those broader stones beneath it. Yet even pyramids cannot be built of sand. Grains must must first be consolidated with the mortar of our will. Comrades and brothers, whether you are a grain of sand or a boulder, if you stand shoulder to shoulder, you will produce a diamond out of charcoal and it will flash out of every eye so intensely and yet so beautifully, that no one who beholds that spark will dare try to extinguish it. It will pierce into the future from the fog of the past and rise as a bright new dawn of creation and liberation, enfusing all mankind with its golden gift.

We know what we must do. We need make our own rules. We don't need rulebooks to oppress us. We know the rules. Rules and laws come from God as He gives it to each of us to understand Him, not man. It is to Him only that we answer and He decides our Fate and our destiny. If He finds us worthy enough, we will win. It is not God but men who are saying "Thou Shalt Not".

We can and we must! We shall and we will!

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